NetApp Disk Shelves


  • Five shape types, DS2246, DS4246, DS4486, DS212C,DS224C
    • Separate shape variants for most popular disk combinations
    • 24×1.2TB,4x400GB + 20×1.2TB, 2 TB, 4TB and so on
  • Shelf ID can be changed by using pull-down menu in Shape Data Window:
    • Hint: if you want to enter 25 as shelf id click id pull down cell once and keep hitting “2” key until it displays “25”.
  • Original Netapp shape had only one type of disks per shelf
  • I’ve added new fields to shapesheet, so a shelf can contain one or two types of disks
    • Only SSD
    • Only HDD
    • SSD + HDD
    • SSD + SDD
      • mostly usable with AFF metroclusters where you might want to use smaller disks for root aggregates
  • Disk configuration can be changed
      • Number of Disks (HDD)
      • Disk Size (HDD)
      • Number of Disks (SSD)
      • Disk Size (SSD)
  • There is no validation check for the disk combinations, choose whatever you desire, just keep combined number of disks to max 24 (or 48 with DS4486)
    • It might be a good idea to check from NetApp configurator / pricing tool which combinations are available for the setup you are planning
  • DS4486 no combo shelves, no ssd drives
  • Changes made in Shape Data / Properties is displayed in shape text.
  • Manually editing text field will break connection to shape data


  • DontPokeThePolarBear-NetApp-DiskShelves-Stencil-<DD-MM-YYYY>

Original source of disk shelf shapes: