Visio by DPTPB: NetApp FAS/AFF Controller Stencil (V2)

Apr 24, 2017 Visio by DPTPB release update notes

Updated NetApp FAS / AFF DPTPB Visio stencils to follow V2 design where all data is within top-level shape and rear view shapes have connection points for rack placement

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Visio by DPTPB: Transitional SAS cables, QSFP to Mini-SAS HD


Older generation SAS 6Gbps ports use QSFP form factor connector  while newer generation SAS 12Gbps ports use smaller Mini-SAS HD form factor connector (at least with NetApp gear). These form factors are not compatible, i.e you cannot cable QSFP connector to Mini-SAS HD port or vice-versa.

To make things more confusing, there are also 12Gbps capable ports that are using QSFP form factor connector. In case of NetApp, X2069-R6 adapter is example of such combination.

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NetApp Ontap 9.1 HW refresh: Faster ports and more ports

NetApp announced hardware refresh recently, basically renewing all current FAS / AFF controller models.  This time I will investigate network connectivity and more so port counts rather than port speeds.

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Return of Jedi…, ehm FlashCache

For the past couple of years I haven’t designed a single Netapp solution which still included FlashCache. I was quite surprised when NetApp introduced their latest hardware refresh along with Ontap 9.1. Now all new controller models come with NVMe M.2 Flash chips, which in essense are acting as FlashCache. Does that mean that FlashCache is now better option than FlashPool? Typical Pre-Sales answer applies: It depends 🙂 Continue reading “Return of Jedi…, ehm FlashCache”