NetApp Cluster Interconnect Switches

Rear view shapes for NetApp Cluster Interconnect switches are used to document NetApp specific Cluster Interconnect network cabling. These are 10GbE switches, but NetApp now supports 40GbE Interconnect Swiches with the High-End FAS9000 / AFF A700 platform, so at some point of time I will have add shapes for 40GbE CI switches as well.


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Original Switch shapes by:

  • NetApp
  • Cisco

Switch Grouping Box:

  • Switches are grouped together in pairs inside a Switch Grouping Box
  • Properties for Switch Grouping Box
    • Switch Type:
      • Typically switch speed
    • If switch type is denoted with “*”
      • Indicates that this is customer supplied
  • Grouping boxes come in two form factor
    • Rack
      • To be placed in the same rack as other gear
    • Mid
      • To be place between the racks

Switch variants:

NetApp Switches:

NetApp CN1610


  • 16-port 10GbE by NetApp
  • Only allowed usage is as Cluster Interconnect Switch
  • Pre-cabled with four ISL cables, 12 ports free

Switch Properties:

  • Click swich shape to show data in Shape Data Window
    • Switch Number
    • Site Name for Switch (typically only used with MetroCluster)
    • Switch Name Body
    • Edit as required and device label will change accordingly

Screenshot: NetApp CN1610 switch shapes in Visio Shapes Window:


Port assignment box:

  • Click the shape to show data in Shape Data Window
    • Use pull-down menus to assign correct port combinations
    • Text in shape will be changed accordingly
    • Only if suitable port combinations cannot be found in shape data pull-down menus,  then edit text manually but this will break connection to data

Make your own Switch rear view Shapes:


Cluster Interconnect switch stencil includes empty Cluster Interconnect Switch Groping boxes. These grouping boxes are equipped with “anchoring” points so that you can pull a 19″ wide switch into the shape and place it correctly.

If you do make your own shapes, you will have to edit the label of the switch manually, I am using “Calibri” 6pt font for switch names.

Additionally data in switch port assignment box might not match your switch / use case, edit as required.

On top of “Rack” form factor empty shapes, there are also two  “Mid” 2×4/12d form factor shapes