LAN Switches

Rear view shapes for LAN switches are used to document Front-End LAN or host side network cabling. At the moment these are 10GbE switches, but I planning to include 40GbE switches as well, now that NetApp supports 40GbE host traffic. Switches are generic and can be used to document other environments as well.


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Original Switch shapes by:

  • NetApp
  • Brocade
  • Cisco

Switch Grouping Box:

  • Switches are grouped together in pairs inside a Switch Grouping Box
  • Properties for Switch Grouping Box
    • Switch Type:
      • Typically switch speed
    • If switch type is denoted with “*”
      • Indicates that this is customer supplied
  • Grouping boxes come in two form factor
    • Rack
      • To be placed in the same rack as other gear
    • Mid
      • To be place between the racks

Switch variants:

  • There are few variants per switch type
    • Port Count
      • Depending on how many ports are needed for documentation
      • With 2×4 port assignment box
      • With 12d port assignment box
      • With 16d port assignment box
      • Most often I used “12d” variants, but if space is tight, you might need to use “2×4” variants instead (less ports, uses less space)

Brocade Switches:

Brocade VDX6740


Switch Properties:

  • Click swich shape to show data in Shape Data Window
    • Switch Number
    • Site Name for Switch (typically only used with MetroCluster)
    • Switch Name Body
    • Edit as required and device label will change accordingly


Screenshot: Brocade VDX6740 switch shapes in Shapes Window:


Port assignment box:

  • Click the shape to show data in Shape Data Window
    • Use pull-down menus to assign correct port combinations
    • Text in shape will be changed accordingly
    • Only if suitable port combinations cannot be found in shape data pull-down menus,  then edit text manually but this will break connection to data

Cisco 5548


Similar properties as Brocade switch, only with differerent “picture”

Screenshot: Cisco 5548 switch shapes in Shapes Window:


Make your own Switch rear view Shapes:


LAN Stencil includes empty LAN Switch Groping boxes. These grouping boxes are equipped with “anchoring” points so that you can pull a 19″ wide switch into the shape and place it correctly.

If you do make your own shapes, you will have to edit the label of the switch manually, I am using “Calibri” 6pt font for switch names.

Additionally data in switch port assignment box might not match your switch / use case, edit as required.

Ontop of “Rack” form factor empty shapes, there are also two “Mid” form factor shapes