NetApp Metrocluster Switches


NetApp Metrocluster specific shapes. On top of normal switch pair shapes there are additional elements in these shapes: ISL cabling and networks spanning sites.

Switch Types:

  • Management
  • Front-End LAN
  • Front-End SAN
  • Back-End SAN

Switch shapes used in these shapes are the same shapes used in non-metrocluster setups, thus have the same properties and can be found from the same stencils.


Management Network:


  • Clustered Ontap Metrocluster requires management network which spans over both sites. This network is used to synchronize cluster configuration data between sites
  • Mgmt Network can be a dedicated 1GbE network with separate switches and L3 is enough
  • or
  • If your Front-End 10GbE network spans both sites, that can be used instead

Front-End LAN:


  • If you use Ethernet based protocols (NFS,CIFS, ISCSI) with you Metrocluster, you will have to span your front-end Layer2 LAN network to both sites.

Front-End SAN:


  • If you use FC protocol with your Metrocluster, you will have to span your Front-End SAN to both sites, two fabrics, one fabric member / site / fabric

Back-End SAN:


Requirement for Fabric Metrocluster. Carries storage traffic between storage controller and disk shelves. A dedicated SAN spanning over both sites. Two fabrics, one fabric member /  site /  fabric.

2 ISL links per fabric by default. Can use 1-4 ISL links per fabric