Why DontPokeThePolarBear ?

I am quite fond of the expression “Don’t Poke The Bear”, which in rough terms translates to: “If you keep doing stupid stuff, it will hurt you, maybe not right away, but eventually you will get bitten”.

It also tells little bit about myself: I am quite docile when treated with respect, but can react unpleasantly when “poked” too much, especially if the person doing the “poking” is receiving money for services or goods

When I was thinking of name for my blog I googled the expression and got pages after pages with results. So I had to tweak the expression to make it more unique.

How to make it unique? Add qualifying words until it is unique, but which word to use? Hmm… Finnish Bear?  Too obvious. Brown Bear?  Too generic. What else is there? Black Bear? Not very local.

White Bear? While my bearD is slowly turning white, there is no White Bears as a species, but there are bears that are white. Hmm, maybe there is something here…

Maybe add a small twist while localizing?

There is misconception that Polar Bears roam freely in the fjords of my home country Finland. Well, not quite true: There are no fjords in Finland and no Polar Bears, maybe except in Helsinki Zoo.

Combine those  and voilá “DontPokeThePolarBear” was born.