Rear View Shapes

Rear view shapes are my “secret sauce” and look very different from rear views generated by NetApp Synergy. I’ve chosen different way of drawing rear view, simply because in rear view there is more information to show, at least when using drawings as documentation, rather than just illustration.

In order to fit enough information per page, layout of rear view drawing is different from front view drawings. Rear view drawings are more “logical” drawings rather than in scale real world representation (like front view drawings). Shapes such as controllers, disk shelves and switches are still drawn in scale, but are space between shapes is not in scale  and there are additional elements in the drawings, such as grouping,  port assignment and cable decoding boxes (see example below).


Rear View Example (Half of 4-Node Metrocluster):

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 23.51.29.png