Rear View Racks


  • Not drawn in scale to accommodate more information
  • Objects should be stacked vertically in the same order as in front view
  • Spacing between objects is not in scale
  • In templates the racks are aligned correctly

Four Different Versions

  • One Rack
    • Building block for other shapes
    • Rarely used
  • One Rack with Cable Decoder
    • Building block for other shapes
    • Rarely used
  • Two Racks
    • Building block for other shapes
    • Rarely used
  • Two Racks with Cable Decoder
    • Rack combination used in Template(s)
    • In most case use this, even if you have just one rack right now, in future you might need additional rack. If the original rack is not aligned correctly updating drawing might require moving multiple objects
    • Notice that Racks are running right to left, like viewing rack from behind
    • If your Rack1 is on the left side in Front View it should be on the right side in Rear View
    • If not using template, align at 400% with one cell spacing to background margin box
    • Cable decoder box between the racks
      • different versions of cable decoder boxes are in Cables stencil

Data fields for Rear View Rack:

  • Rack Name:
    • Format: Text
  • Rack Height:
    • Format: pull-down menu
    • Adjust height of the Rack


  • DontPokeThePolarBear-Essentials-Racks-Stencil-<DD-MM-YYYY>