Job Market Mysteries, Part 1

“Top three reasons why people are leaving their jobs”

Top three things that you shouldn’t say in your job interview”

Surely you have seen posts with lists like these many times?

How come both lists contain the same answers?


Internet poll

  • Question: “Why do you want to leave your current job?”
  • Answer:  “My manager is a giant douchebag”
  • Question: “How would your manager describe you?”
  • Answer: “He thinks that I am a giant douchebag”

Job Interview

  • Question: “So tell me, why do you want to leave your current job?”
  • Answer: “To seek personal & professional growth and to be able to move closer to local charity, so I can volunteer more”
  • Question: “Great answer, what kind of charity?”
  • Answer: “A soup kitchen for less fortunate people”
  • Question: “Wonderful, how would you describe your relationship with your manager?”
  • Answer: “We just get along great, he actually donated blood to my sick cat”
  • Question: “Oh, how is your cat doing?
  • Answer: “Due to the heroic actions of my manager, she recovered and was able to breed”
  • Question: “So cute, how many kittens?”
  • Answer: “Fifteen and I just love them all, they are so adorable, all they do is eat, sleep and give love back to me”
  • Question: “My heart is melting. Back to more serious things, how would your manager describe you?”
  • Answer: “The best employee ever, he would be sad to see me leave”

Asking for a friend, all my former managers have been great. And no, I don’t have kittens looking for new home.



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