Switch Port Assignment Boxes


These shapes are used to assign end points for switch cabling, i.e controller network and switch ports. Like with SAS port assignment boxes text diplayed in the box is linked to data. To change port assignments, click port assignment box until the data is shown in “Shape Data” window. On busy drawing it might take few clicks.

User pull-down menus to change data and the text displayed will change accordingly.

Since space is limited there are few versions of these boxes

2×4 Box


  • 4 ports per switch
  • 2 switches
  • 8 ports in total
  • Each line is used to configure one port combination

12d Box


  • This is a dual port box shape
  • Each line is used to configure two port combinations
    • In example above
    • line 1:
      • Switch1:port1, Node1:e0M
      • Switch2:port1, Node1:e0a
    • line 2:
      • Switch1:port2, Node2:e0M
      • Switch2:port2, Node2:e0a
  • Since port usage combinations are switch type specific, there are separate dual-port combinations for each type in mastershape sheet
  • 12 ports per switch
  • 2 switches
  • 24 ports in total



  • Similar dual port box shape as 12d
  • But only with more ports