Object alignment

  • With Rear View Shapes there are no Racks with snap/glue to connection points
  • Use background grid instead
  • Objects will “snap” into grid given that correct zoom level is used
  • Back ground shapes are built to snap at 400% or 800% zoom
  • Spacing between objects should be one grid cell at 400%
  • Put shapes on the page at 100% and roughly align in it to correct position
  • Then at 400% zoom level put it to correct place
  • In order to fully utilize space it is important to align objects correctly
  • Maybe in future versions, I will include connection points to Rear View objects as well


  • Example of Grid alignment
  • Lower right corner of a drawing with object next to margin box
  • 100%, 200% and 400% Zoom level


  • At 100 % object does not align with the grid
  • At 200 % object is in the middle of grid lines, so we getting close
  • At 400% object lines up / snaps in to grid line, so this is correctly lined up