Return of Jedi…, ehm FlashCache

For the past couple of years I haven’t designed a single Netapp solution which still included FlashCache. I was quite surprised when NetApp introduced their latest hardware refresh along with Ontap 9.1. Now all new controller models come with NVMe M.2 Flash chips, which in essense are acting as FlashCache. Does that mean that FlashCache is now better option than FlashPool? Typical Pre-Sales answer applies: It depends 🙂 Continue reading “Return of Jedi…, ehm FlashCache”

Protecting Against Site Failure with Nutanix

Nutanix is one of the only Hyperconverged solutions to offer synchronous mirroring and metrocluster capability.

So if you are concerned about loosing a whole site with multiple Nutanix nodes, the short answer for protecting against site failures is: use Metro Availability capability.

Continue reading “Protecting Against Site Failure with Nutanix”