Job Market Mysteries, Part 2

You’ve made it through two or three interview rounds, only few candidates left and suddenly a total radio silence. No call, no email, no sms, no message pigeon, no smoke signals.

Not a beep.

Deadline for the decision is long gone – You have been ghosted.

Happens all the time. No harm, no foul?


Maybe, maybe not, by failing to follow up the recruiter might leave a sour taste in the mouth of the candidate. As a recruiter you never know where you will meet the candidate next time. You won’t always be in the “power position” and tables might get turned, sometimes quickly.

Follow-up and you might not end up saying “Oh, crap” like poor chap, Rupert below.


  • Rupert Wanderweele, hiring sales director at Ximbart
  • Susan Trueheart, candidate for sales manager position

Job Interview, round two about to end

  • Rupert: “Thanks again for coming in, I think that the interview went really well and you are a strong candidate” 
  • Susan: “Thank you, Mr Wanderweele. When do you expect to make a decision?”
  • Rupert: “Within two weeks, we will get back to you either way. It is Ximbart HR policy to have the hiring director contact all round-two-candidates by phone, even if the candidate is not selected”
  • Susan: “Sounds great, you sure do treat your applicants well”
  • Rupert: “We take pride in what we do, do you have any additional questions?”
  • Susan: “How many applicants left?”
  • Rupert: “Just three”
  • Susan: “Okay, thanks for great interview, I’ll be waiting for your call”
  • Susan: “Goodbye”
  • Rupert: “Goodbye”

Fast forward three weeks

  • Rupert: “Maybe I should finally get back to those two final job applicants who were not selected to sales manager position?”
  • Rupert: “Naah, I have more important things do. I am sick and tired when my customers don’t respond to me, for once I am in the power position and I intend to fully enjoy it” 

Fast forward four months

  • Rupert: “I heard that one of our largest clients, Zirnalt Company, hired a new purchasing manager a while ago”
  • Rupert: “Maybe I should call and introduce myself?”


  • Susan: “Zirnalt Company, Susan Trueheart speaking, how may I help you?”
  • Rupert: “Hi Susan, this is Rupert Wanderweele, sales director at Ximbart, how are you”
  • Susan: “Hi Mr Wanderweele, glad that you called, I was about to contact you as we are renewing our supplier contracts”
  • Rupert: “Oh good, then I called in just in time to bump our company up on your list. Do you have any concerns regarding our relationship?”
  • Susan: “Mr Wanderweele, let me first share some of our company core values”
  • Susan: “Honesty is very important to us, we always try keep our promises”
  • Susan: “We also believe that all our customers are very important to us”
  • Susan: “Whenever they contact us, we will always follow-up with them, so they don’t feel neglected”
  • Susan: “These policies have paid off very well and we have excellent customer retention and net promoter score”
  • Rupert: “That sounds great and is inline with our company and my personal values, we should get along fine.
  • Rupert: “Say Susan, your last name sounds familiar and with such unique last name, I have a feeling that we’ve met before.”
  • Susan: “Well Mr Wanderweele, since you brought it up”
  • Susan: “I was interviewed by you four months ago for a sales manager position”
  • Rupert: “Yeah, yeah, I remember now, it went good and you were great, but unfortunately we went with other candidate”
  • Susan: “Yes, selecting best fit for your company is fine, but you also promised to get back to me and never did”
  • Rupert: “Susan, I am very sorry that I didn’t follow-up. But let bygones be bygones, right?”
  • Susan: “Well, Mr Wanderweele, your actions were so much against our company core values and against your own HR policies that it is really hard to trust you or your company anymore, therefore we have decided to end the relationship between our companies”
  • Rupert: “Oh, crap”

Fast forward a year

Rupert, now ex sales director, because of losing a major client. Has been looking for a new job for long time and finally has made it to round three interview.


  • Rupert Wanderweele, job applicant for Sales Director position
  • Timothy Waldroop, CEO of Xymblert company

Job interview, round three about to end

  • Timothy: “Well Rupert , you’ve done well in all interview rounds”
  • Rupert: “Thank you sir, I am sure we could achieve great things together”
  • Timothy: “As final step I want you to meet our Director of Purchasing as your will work closely together. She has final say in this matter, please ace it”
  • Rupert: “Shouldn’t be a problem, what is her name?”
  • Timothy: “Susan Trueheart, previously from Zirnalt Company, as we merged with Zirnalt she is now with us, do you know her?”
  • Rupert: “Oh, crap”

Just saying. Don’t be a “Rupert” and make that call.

All events and names used are purely fictional. Any similarities to real world are unintentional and coincidental. Last names picked from the list of the least common last names in the U.S.

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