Visio by DPTPB: Rubrik Stencils

A Friendly Public Service Notice:

The Rubrik shapes found in DPTPB Rubrik stencils are fairly outdated. DPTPB Rubrik stencil contains shapes for Rubrik appliances that are two or more hw generations behind the current HW generation. You might not find here what you are looking for.

I while ago I saw a “coming soon” banner for Rubrik stencils at, but then the banner disappeared. I don’t know what is going on with their stencils, maybe Rubrik will publish an official version of their stencils or their Visio project got pulled.

Since I don’t work with Rubrik anymore, I have no plans to update my Rubrik stencils anytime soon.

March 29, 2017 update notes for DPTPB stencil collection

Since we have now officially sold some Rubrik units it is time to put some effort into documenting Rubrik environments.

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Nutanix AHV + Brocade using native VLAN per port

Got one of our Nutanix demo boxes back from the field a while ago and set it up again in our demo lab.

Our lab network is VLAN segmented and the last time I did similar exercise, I had to set Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) to send tagged frames also for management (CVM/Hypevisor) traffic. Instructions for this can be found from Virtual LANs for your Acropolis Hypervisor Virtual Machines. This includes modifying bridge “br0” on all AHV hosts , one AHV host at time. And setting each Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) to use VLAN tagging.

However in the post above Nutanix recommends CVM and Hypervisor traffic to use “untagged” (or native VLAN).

I was wondering whether you could use native VLAN setting for management traffic by modifying switch configuration and skip making changes to AHV hosts and CVMs. It would be much easier especially if you have many AHV hosts. Just log in to your switch and make changes in one place rather than logging into each and every AHV host / CVM separately.

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Visio by DPTPB: Nutanix stencils (V2)

March 15, 2017 update notes for Visio by DPTPB stencil collection

Executive Summary

  • Completely rebuilt/redesigned DPTPB Nutanix Visio stencil
  • Bye-bye for original Nutanix rear view shapes
    • I was never a fan of the original raster image based Nutanix shapes
    • So I made my own modular vector image based Nutanix rear view shapes
  • All rear view Nutanix DPTPB Visio shapes come now with connection points for easier shape placement
  • Separate NIC shapes
  • Data is now within top-level shapes
    • Like with all new style DPTPB shapes
    • Easier to access “Shape Data” window by clicking top-level shape
      • Not really a problem with Nutanix shapes, but was a major source of frustration with switch shapes
      • Now both Nutanix and Switch shapes behave similarly
    • Both front and rear view shapes

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Visio by DPTPB: 1GbE Management Switch stencil (V2)

March 15, 2017 update notes for Visio by DPTPB stencil collection.

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