Visio by DPTPB: Maintaining font size while ungrouping background images

Yesterday I wrote about possible solution for issue related using Windows Enhanced Metafiles, an issue originally identified in post Visio by DPTPB: Reducing size of complex Visio shapes V2.

In my original post I also identified another possible issue with ungrouping an image. This issue is related to the fact that Visio cannot render fonts that are smaller than 1 pt in size. With some images there is some text, like “UID” or “USB”, to label some elements of the image. And once you ungroup that image, the text size suddenly increases.

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Unofficial DPTPB Nutanix Dynamic Visio Shapes: NX-1065-G7 / G6 & NX-3060-G7 / G6

More in depth notes regarding NX-1065-G7 / -G6 & NX-3060-G7 / -G6 Dynamic Visio shapes.

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Visio by DBPTB: Official Nutanix G7 Visio Stencil

Nutanix is refreshing their appliances to G7 generation hardware which will eventually replace G6 generation hardware. Transition is done in phases, first platforms to get G7 refresh are already released multi-node models NX-1065-G7, NX-3060-G7 and NX-8035-G7, followed by single-node models NX-3155G-G7, NX-8155-G7. Additionally single node NX-8150-G7 reappears in the model lineup.

The fate of remaining G6 platforms NX-1175S-G6, NX-3170-G6 and NX-5155-G6 has not been released yet. I would expect them to be updated in some form or other, but you never know until they are released, some might be dropped or altered. If these models are crucial to your future Nutanix projects, please check the availability and specifications for G7 variants from your local Nutanix Rep.

The official Nutanix stencils will be updated following new hardware releases. The latest stencil package can be found from Visiocafe. The initial update will include new NX-1065-G7, NX-3060-G7 and NX-8035-G7 shapes, more shapes will be released as time goes on. This stencil release also includes fixes for some scaling issues, namely using Nutanix shapes with Viso “No Scale” page settings or Visio “Blank drawing” templates.

You might also want to take a look at Unofficial DPTPB Nutanix Dynamix Shapes, which are more user friendly and faster to use than the official Nutanix shapes, while at the same time provide capability to produce more detailed drawings. Even if you don’t care about the advanced dynamic features, I recommend using the dynamic shapes as they contain some bug fixes for the official Nutanix stencil.

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Visio by DPTPB: Official Nutanix G6 Visio Stencils

Nutanix has released a new version of their official Visio stencil set for current G6 generation hardware at

In the past I’ve been quite vocal about the lack of quality with Nutanix Visio stencils. So how does their latest stencil set look like?

Stellar, please read on 🙂

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Visio by DPTPB: Nutanix stencil G6 (Skylake) update, Vol3


Now that it is holiday season and business has somewhat slowed down, I have time to update BPTPB Nutanix Visio stencil collection with new G6 generation hardware shapes.

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