Unofficial DPTPB Nutanix Dynamic Visio Shapes: NX-3170-G7 & Minor updates

In my earlier post describing NX-8170-G7 and NX-3170-G6 DPTPB Nutanix Dynamic Visio shapes, I was surprised to see that NX-8170-G7 only supported NVMe drives and I was missing a direct G7 generation equivalent for NX-3170-G6. It seems that I wasn’t the only one missing NX-3170-G7 and after all Nutanix decided to introduce NX-3170 also with G7 generation.

So it is time for me to update my Unofficial DPTPB Nutanix Dynamic Visio shape collection. Additionally there has been some changes in supported disk / NIC combinations for existing G7 generation NX appliances and I’ve modified the shapes to reflect these changes.

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Job Market Mysteries, Part 2

You’ve made it through two or three interview rounds, only few candidates left and suddenly a total radio silence. No call, no email, no sms, no message pigeon, no smoke signals.

Not a beep.

Deadline for the decision is long gone – You have been ghosted.

Happens all the time. No harm, no foul?

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Nutanix Hybrid Selection Guide

In earlier post I went through some Nutanix spec sheet issues and while describing some disk size related issues, I made SSD/HDD capacity ratio calculations with Nutanix Hybrid (SSD+HDD) setups. I used only couple of SSD+HDD setups and Nutanix NX platforms as an example.

  • Why not go through possible SSD/HDD ratio ranges for more NX platforms?
  • Find the floor and the ceiling for SSD/HDD ratios?
  • It might be useful in selecting NX Hybrid setup for workloads with certain requirements for SSD/HDD ratio?

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Nutanix Spec Sheet Errata

The official Nutanix G6 & G7 generation NX appliance spec sheets are frequently updated and are getting better with every iteration. Unfortunately there are still issues with them. Some information in the NX appliance spec sheets is confusing and showing conflicting or wrong information and should be corrected. Some of the aspects of NX appliances are documented in fairly shallow manner and could benefit from more comprehensive documentation.

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