Contents of Visio by DBTPB

  • In the earlier versions of the stencil all the shapes were in one stencil which over time grew larger and larger and became hard to maintain and use
  • Since version 30-12-2015 content has been split into separate stencils
  • Generic Non-vendor specific shapes can be found stencils with name
    • DPTPB-Essentials-
  • Vendor Specific Shapes are organized into separate stencils
    • DPTPB-<Vendor>
    • Example: DPTPB-NetApp-
  • Each stencil is versioned with date in the stencil name
  • Visio Stencils are downloadable as zip files
    • GA  version
      • All Stencils + Templates
    • Developer version
      • All Stencils + Templates
      • Master Drawings for the shapes in templates

Generic Stencils

  • DPTPB-Essentials-Cables-Stencil-<date>
  • DPTPB-Essentials-Racks-Stencil-<date>
  • DPTPB-Essentials-Switches-MGMT-Stencil-<date>
  • DPTPB-Essentials-Switches-LAN-Stencil-<date>
  • DPTPB-Essentials-Switches-SAN-Stencil-<date>

NetApp Stencils

  • DPTPB-NetApp-Controllers-Stencil-<date>
  • DPTPB-NetApp-DiskShelves-Stencil-<date>
  • DPTPB-NetApp-Switches-Cluster-Stencil-<date>

Nutanix Stencils

  • DPTPB-Nutanix-Stencil-<date>


  • DPTPB-NetApp-Tempalate-<date>
  • DPTPB-NetApp-MetroCluster-Single-Rack-Template-<date>
  • DPTPB-Nutanix-Template-<date>
  • DPTPB-Nutanix-MetroAvailability-Single-Rack-Template-<date>
  • Please use same version/date template as stencil, this way correct stencil is used

Examples files

  • Example drawings

 Master Drawings for the stencils

  • Each stencil has separate “master” / builder drawing for stencil maintenance

Old / Existing Drawings

  • Drawings made with older versions of the stencils / Visio might not be compatible with the new 2016 Visio format. Better not to mix old content with 2016 version content
  • Old shapes can turn into blue when used with 2016 Visio or text background turns into white instead of normal transparent background

Data in shapes

  • Earlier versions of the shapes contained data in the form lists within the shape
  • This proved to be a major burden when updating shapes
  • For example a shelf shape was used as a building block for stack shapes and there were over hundred instaces of shelf shapes scattered in different stack shapes
  • When Netapp released a new disk size all of those separate shelf shapes had to be updated individually, which was very time-consuming and boring task
  • Since version 30-12-2015 most if not all lists containing values like disk sizes and such are stored in master shapesheet of the Visio drawing (a.k.a TheDoC)
  • Master shapesheet for the drawing contains user fields that can be used as variables to contain lists that other shapes refer to instead of storing those values within the shape
  • Now updating for example disk sizes is quite easy, update few variables in the master shapesheet for the drawing and all shapes are automatically updated with new information
  • The document master shapesheet can be accessed with Drawing Explorer (right-click the first line, click shapesheet)