Switches (Rear)

General Info:

Same switch shapes as in front view organized in pairs. The shapes were designed to be used with NetApp documentation, but are somewhat generic and can be used with other products as well

  • Switches are also contained within a grouping box

NetApp Notes:

  • FAS controller ports used to connect NetApp Management and Cluster Interconnect switches are 1GbE and 10GbE ports on motherboard
  • FAS controller ports used to connect to Front-End LAN & SAN switches are UTA2 ports on motherboard
  • Port names vary between FAS models, so use FAS specific switch shape or edit ports manually
  • Typically Cluster Interconnect and Management switches are located in the same racks as controllers and shelves
  • For Front-End LAN & SAN switches this is not the case, quite often switches are located in some other rack

Two kinds of grouping boxes:



  • to be used when switch is in the same rack as controller/shelves
  • Properties:
    • Grouping Box shape:
      • None
    • Switch shape:
      • Switch name




  • to be used when switch is in some other rack
  • or if there is not enough room in the rack shape
  • Mid name comes from the location of switch grouping box in the drawing
  • The box is same width as cable decoder and there is room above decoder box
  • Properties:
    • Grouping Box shape:
      • Rack Name
    • Switch shape:
      • Switch Name

Further information:

Example: Switches with Rack Grouping Box


Example: Switches with Mid Grouping Box