Controller Rear View Shapes


General Information:

  • Same NetApp models as Front View Shapes
  • Located within a Grouping Box
    • Aligns with grid at 400% zoom
    • Aligns with rack and grid at 200% zoom for easier placement
  • Grouping box fill has 50% transparency in order to show grid
  • All ports are connection points where cables “snap&glue”
  • Controller Type (FAS/AFF), Node names and Node numbers are modifiable in Shape Data
    • Click chassis shape in order to display Shape Data
    • This data is not in controller shapes, as it is easier to click chassis rather than controllers inside a chassis


  • DontPokeThePolarBear-NetApp-Controllers-Stencil-<DD-MM-YYYY>

Original Source of Shapes:

  • NetApp

FAS25xx and FAS26xx models:

  • Additional fields to original NetApp shape:
    • controller type
    • model
    • node number
    • node name
  • These controllers can have internal disks
    • Additional Data associated with shape:
      • Shelf ID
      • Number of Disks (HDD)
      • Disk Size (HDD)
      • Number of Disks (SSD)
      • Disk Size (SSD)
      • Disk ownership model
        • Only one SAS stack, so disk ownership is either
          • disk-based (Mix-Disk)
          • shelf-based (Mix-Shelf)
  • Changes in Shape data for these properties will be displayed in Grouping Box
  • Ports with 25xx series run at weird order
  • 0b,0a,e0c|0c,e0d|0d,e0e|0e,e0f|0f,e0a,e0b
  • 0b = Square port, 0a = Circle Port



FAS80x0,  FAS8200 & AFF A300 series:

Additional fields to original NetApp shape:

  • controller type
  • model
  • node number
  • node name
  • Site Name (for Metroclusters)

Notes on 8000 series controllers:

  • 8020 model has one 4-port SAS-adapter in slot 1
  • 8040&8060 models have two 4-port SAS-adapters in slots 3&4
  • 8080EX model have three 4-port SAS-adapters in slots 3&5&9
  • Dual controller chassis shapes
    • In non-metrocluster setups controllers are typically deployed in HA-pairs
  • Single controller chassis shapes
    • 2-Node Metroclusters
  • Ports&Slots are labeled, but with very small font, use 1600% zoom to view
    • In Visio you can zoom to 1600% and above, Powerpoint seems to zoom max 400%
  • Remember that ports on FAS8000 motherboard run from left to right (0a,0b,0c,0d and so on)
    • Also FAS8040/FAS8060/FAS8080 slots 1&2 / FAS8080EX slots 5-8
  • Ports on the right side slots run from right to left (3d,3c,3b,3a)
    • FAS8020/ FAS8200 slots 1&2
    • FAS8040 slots 3&4
    • FAS8080EX slots 3&4, 9-12
  • Some adapter cards already in place, change as needed



FAS9000 & AFF A700 Series:

Similar properties as FAS8000 series as there are no internal disks

Additional fields to original NetApp shape:

  • controller type
    • Both are using the same shape, change between FAS9000 and AFF A700 by using “shape data” window
  • model
  • node number
  • node name
  • Site Name (for Metroclusters)

Notes on FAS9000 series controllers:

  • Uses different adapter cards than FAS8000 series, use NetApp original stencils for adapter cards
  • New Platform, so no first hand experience with these



Example of Shape Data Window: