Visio by DPTPB


My collection of “tuned” Visio shapes, originally made for documenting NetApp environments. Later on expanded with Nutanix shapes.


Current Documentation (V2 Shapes)

Old Documentation (V1 shapes)


Downloads & Example Drawings:

Download page

Acknowledgements & Thanks:

Wayne Mueller, NetApp: Thanks for giving such inspiring presentation on Visio. Without that presentation I wouldn’t have started my journey with Visio

Ismo Puuronen, Proact: Original creator of some of the shapes, endless source of good ideas and background information Online library of many Visio shapes Creator of NetApp and many other high quality visio shapes. Not all Visio shapes are created equal, the stuff that vsdfx  produces is good. Unfortunately some vendors have  decided to make their shapes in-house and the results are not always delightful. If you have limited Visio skills and need Visio shapes for your company, it might be good idea to ask help from vsdfx, rather than:

“I did it myself – saved some money – the results surely look like that” . Good source on all things related to Visio + excellent discussion board. During few years of playing with Visio, I’ve only scratched the surface on what Visio is capable of. If you want to make your visio-head spin check some of the content on this site.

Disclaimer & Copyright info:

Copyright for the original shapes remains with the original creator, who mostly publish these under public domain. If you think that I am breaching your copyright by redistributing your shapes, let me know and I am more than happy to remove such shapes. My “tuned” shapes are published under public domain license without any form of warranty, explicit or implied. You are free to use my shapes as you please, but I would appreciate if you could include a link to this page in case you decide to redistribute my shapes. Copyright owner of the original shapes which I am using as a base for my shapes might have some restrictions on their shape usage.


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