Visio by DPTPB: Updated NetApp Sample Drawings + Bug Fixes

April 10, 2017 Visio by DPTPB update notes

Executive Summary

  • Minor update to DPTPB stencil collection
  • Updated all NetApp sample drawings to use V2 style switch and cable shapes
  • Few bug fixes

Updated NetApp Sample drawings

  • Available for download at NetApp downloads page
  • FAS2650, AFF A300 and AFF A700S
  • Using new V2 switch shapes
  • Using new V2 cable shapes
  • NetApp controller and disk shelf shapes still V1 version shapes

Bug Fixes

  • Cluster Interconnect Switches
    • 16d variants of Cluster Interconnect Switches had a bug in port assignment box
      • Some corrupted cells in rows 13-16
      • fixed
  • Front-End LAN switches
    • e0f port was listed as 0ef
    • fixed
  • Cables
    • Patch Panel shapes
      • Now with matching connection points for rear view rack placement
    • Front view blank rack panels
      • Shape label now is now automatically positioned at 50% height of the shape


All (NetApp) stencil packages have been updated. Available for download at downloads page

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