CutePDF vs Save as PDF in Visio

It seems that the built-in Visio PDF converter doesn’t respect line weights (or thickness setting for a line). If using line weights below 0,5 pt the built-in PDF converter will use 0,5 pt line weight anyway.

I am in progress of  upgrading my Visio stencil collection. I am using lesser line weights with some of the new shapes, like cable and port placeholder shapes.  Some details were lost when using Visio’s built-in PDF converter (save as PDF).

I experimented with CutePDF writer, a free PDF converter. Once installed you can assign CutePDF as printer and make your PDF exports by printing from Visio. Much nicer results, all the line weights are kept much better.

Picture: Screenshot from PDF created by Visio’s built-in PDF converter

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 17.32.45

Picture: Screenshot from the same PDF created by CutePDF

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 17.31.59

Now I just have to remember to print instead of using “Save as PDF”, it might take a while to unlearn using “Save as PDF” 🙂


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