Visio by DPTPB: Nutanix stencil G6 (Skylake) update, Vol2


Generation 6 (G6) Hardware for NX-1065 and NX-8035

Last week Nutanix published more info on G6 hardware NX-1065-G6 and NX-8035-G6. Support Portal NIC replacement instructions (requires login) contains detailed information on various NIC options and also front and rear view drawings of the new G6 hardware.

Quick Notes on G6 Nutanix hardware

  • At the moment only available with NX-1065-G6, NX-3060-G6 and NX-8035-G6 series nodes
  • G6 hardware is based on Intel Skylake processor family
  • (G5 was based on Intel Broadwell)
  • Different optimal memory configurations (192GB, 384GB, ..) due to six memory channels with Skylake architecture. G5/Broadwell had four memory lanes with different optimal memory configurations (128GB,256G,512GB,…)
  • NX-1065-G5
    • Up to four nodes per 2U (4N2U)
    • Dual port 10GBaseT (RJ-45) LOM (Lan On Motherboard)
    • One slot for additional NICs
  • NX-3060-G6
    • Up to four nodes per 2U (4N2U)
    • Nodes have more connectivity options than NX-3060-G5 nodes
    • Dual port 10GBaseT (RJ-45) LOM (Lan On Motherboard)
    • Two slots for additional NICs
      • New NIC supported: Dual port 25GbE spf+
  • NX-8035-G6
    • Up to two nodes per 2U (2N2U)
    • Dual port 10GBaseT (RJ-45) LOM (Lan On Motherboard)
    • Two slots for additional NICs
      • New NIC supported: Dual port 25GbE spf+

New DPTPB Nutanix Visio shapes

NX-1065-G6 and NX-3060-G6 node shapes (NX-x06x-G6)

The official Nutanix stencil package contains shapes only for NX-3060-G6 series. No official shapes for NX-1065-G6 or NX-8035-G6.

External appearance of NX-1065-G6 series node is pretty close to NX-3060-G6 series node appearance, the only difference is that NX-1065-G6 series nodes have only one NIC slot available, while NX-3060-G5 series nodes have two NIC slots available. I am using the same basic node building block to make both shapes.

picture: Nutanix NX-x06x-G6 node shape

NX-x060-g6 Node

picture: Nutanix NX-1065-G6  node shape with 1xNIC filler shapes


picture: Nutanix NX-3060-G6  node shape with 2xNIC filler shapes


NX-8035-G6 Node shapes

I will update DPTPB Nutanix stencil package with NX-8035-G6 once I get my hands on suitable donor shape (Supermicro X11 generation shapes).

screenshot from Nutanix support site: Nutanix NX-8035-G6 block



Nutanix NX-1×65-G6 Block Front View DPTPB Shapes

picture: NX-1165-G6 front shape


picture: NX-1265-G6 front shape


picture: NX-1365-G6 front shape


picture: NX-1465-G6 front shape


Nutanix NX-1×65-G6 Block Rear View DPTPB Shapes

picture: Fully populated NX-1465-G6 Block


picture: Fully populated NX-1465-G6 Block with pre-labeled IPMI ports


picture: NX-1165-G6 Rear View DPTPB Shape


picture: NX-1265-G6 Rear View DPTPB Shape


picture: NX-1365-G6 Rear View DPTPB Shape


picture: NX-1465-G6 Rear View DPTPB Shape


Updated and new NIC shapes

Tuned all NIC shapes to be simpler and smaller in size. Both NX-3060-G6 and NX-8035-G6 support now using 25GbE spf+ adapters, added new 25GbE NIC shapes.

picture: various 25GbE NIC shapes


Further instructions on shape usage

Please visit documentation for G5 Nutanix DPTPB Visio shapes

You might also want to take a look at Unofficial DPTPB Nutanix Dynamix Shapes, which are more user friendly and faster to use than the official Nutanix shapes, while at the same time provide capability to produce more detailed drawings. Even if you don’t care about the advanced dynamic features, I recommend using the dynamic shapes as they contain some bug fixes for the official Nutanix stencil.


Please visit Nutanix – Downloads page for updated stencil packages and sample drawings


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