Reducing size of complex Visio shapes


UPDATE: There is much better way of doing this, by using Windows Enhanced Metafile instead of Scalable Vector Graphics.

When making my custom Nutanix stencil package I ran into problems with shape sizes. Larger shape sizes increase the time to pull the shape from stencil to drawing. The more complex shape (with multiple sub-shapes) you have the larger it will be.  Some of my original Nutanix shapes became so large that it took few minutes to pull shape into a drawing.

Fortunately there is a way to fix this situation. The main goal is to collapse all sub-shapes into one shape or image and to get rid of unnecessary shapesheets and  data associated with sub-shapes.

To use this method you will need open source program called “lnkscape

  • In Visio
    • ungroup complex visio shape until there are no groups.
    • select all the required objects
    • save as “Scalable Vector Graphics”
  • In lnkscape
    • new image opens in lnkscape (or open with lnkscape if *.svg filetype is associated with some other program)
    • select image
    • drag image from box surrounding the new image
    • copy image to clipboard (CTRL-C)
  • In Visio
    • paste image from clipboard (CTRL-V)

As end result most of the details are still shown, but there are no separate shape sheets for each picture component or sub-shape, leading to much lower file size and reduced shape placement times.


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