Visio by DPTPB: Front View Nutanix Shapes

Feb 17,2017 update notes for Visio by DPTPB stencil collection, part 2

Front View shapes are in-scale shapes, meant be used with front view rack shapes. Each shape has a label (nodel model number).

Picture: Nutanix NX-3460-G5 DPTPB shape (front view)


Picture: Nutanix NX-3460-G5 with Front View Rack shape and Switches


Only three Front View basic shapes: SX-series, NX-series 2U, NX-series 1U.

Picture: SX-series shape (front view)


Picture: NX-series 2U shape (front view)

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 09.00.31.png

Picture: NX-series 1U shape (front view)


If there are multiple node configurations available for a given basic front view shape, I’ve created a variant of the basic shape with label to match the node model number. You can change the label by clicking a Nutanix shape and using pull-down menu in Visio “Shape Data” window.

To speed up shape usage I’ve included each variant in DPTPB Nutanix stencil. But in case you need to change configuration for a given node, you can use Visio “Shape Data” window to change the label.

SX-series shapes (front view):

  • SX-1165S-G5
  • SX-1265S-G5
  • SX-1365S-G5
  • SX-1465S-G5
  • SX-1165-G5
  • SX-1265-G5
  • SX-1365-G5
  • SX-1465-G5

Picture: Nutanix SX-series shapes (front view)


NX-series shapes (front view):

  • NX-1000 series:
    • NX-1165S-G5
    • NX-1265S-G5
    • NX-1365S-G5
    • NX-1465S-G5
    • NX-1165-G5
    • NX-1265-G5
    • NX-1365-G5
    • NX-1465-G5

Picture: Nutanix NX1000-series shapes (front view)

  • NX-1155-G5 1GbE
  • NX-1155-G5 10GbE
    • Two variants (1GbE vs 10GbE) for NX-1155-G5 single node backup target, since it is likely that not all remote sites have 10GbE connectivity

Picture: Nutanix NX1155-G5 shapes 1GBE & 10GbE (front view)

  • NX-3000 series:
    • NX-3160-G5
    • NX-3260-G5
    • NX-3360-G5
    • NX-3460-G5

Picture: Nutanix NX3000-series shapes (front view)

  • NX-3155-G5
    • 2U chassis / 1N(ode), can be equipped with Nvidia GPU cards
  • NX-3175-G5
    • 1U chassis / 1N(ode), can be equipped with Nvidia GPU cards

Picture: Nutanix NX3155-G5 & NX-3175-G5 shapes (front view)

  • NX-6000 series:
    • NX-6135-G5
    • NX-6235-G5
      • 2U / 2N(ode) shapes

Picture: Nutanix NX6035-G5 series shapes (front view)

  • NX-6155-G5

Picture: Nutanix NX6155-G5 shape (front view)


  • NX-8000 series:
    • NX-8135-G5
    • NX-8235-G5

Picture: Nutanix NX-8035 series shapes (front view)


  • NX-8150-G5
    • 2U / 1N

Picture: Nutanix NX-8150-G5 shape (front view)


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